Greenbank airport

1140 Hwy 47 East

Uxbridge, ON L9P 1R3


Phone: (705) 896-7228








Operation hours:

by appointment

Every day: sunrise - sunset including holidays

All year round



» Aviator Academy offers full service to obtain Pilot Permit - Ultra-light*, Passenger carrying rating** and Ultra-light instructor rating including application for Transport Canada.

» The flight training consists of two parts: theoretical part - Ground School, and practicable part - flight instruction.

» Students have to apply for Medical Certificate Category 4

» Students can start with practicable part anytime, Ground School for PP-UL is online.

» There is no age limit to start with the flight training. The only limit is for solo flight - 14 years of age and student obtain his Pilot Permit in 16 years of age.

» The length of flight training depends on student’s learning abilities.


Ground School is available online. Students get their unique username and password to gain access the ground school and they can study at home. Access to online ground school is valid for 9 months.

The price $350 + HST, online access, text book, and study material included.

Ground school order


Flight Training Package discount $5007.88

Students can save 5% if they purchase the Flight Training Package:

• Ground School

Radio Communication Course

• Sign up fee

• 25 hours of dual instruction

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Requirements to apply for:

Student Pilot Permit

• age: 14 years minimum

• Medical Declaration Category 4 or Medical Certificate Category 1,3,4

• pass pre-solo exam 90%, corrected to 100%

Ultra-light Aero. Pilot Permit

• age: 16 years minimum

• Medical Declaration Category 4 or Medical Certificate Category 1,3,4

• minimum in last 24 months: 10 hrs total flight time, 5 hrs dual, 2 hrs solo, 30 TOs&LNDs - 10 as solo

• 20 hours ground school, 60% on written exam

Ultra-light Aero. Instructor Rating

• Medical Certificate Category 3 or 1

• 10 hours of ULTRA ground school

• written FITEN exam 80%

• minimum in last 24 months: 50 hrs total time, 5 hrs advanced dual, 5 hrs instructional techniques, 25 hrs solo

• Flight test


*The ultra-light pilot permit allows the holder to fly an ultra-light aircraft in accordance with day VFR. A passenger may not be carried without a passenger carrying endorsement.

**advanced ultra-light airplanes are allowed to carry one passenger, if the pilot has an ultra-light pilot permit endorsed with passenger carrying rating.The passenger-carrying—ultra-light airplane rating applies only to the ultra-light pilot permit. Pilots with a recreational pilot permit—airplane and higher airplane licences are allowed to carry passengers in an aircraft that is authorized for passenger-carrying.